Maser Spain S.L. is a company created two decades ago, located in Toledo (Spain) and dedicated to the production, marketing and export of fruit and vegetable sub products. Maser Spain is made up of people with extensive experience in the food industry. The gained experience during many years allows us to offer products tailored to our customer's needs.

Maser Spain has top quality fresh fruit, organic and conventional, to make sub products under the name of MASER FRUITS. Within the range of products are stone fruits, summer fruits, red fruits, exotic fruits and, especially, citrus fruits. Thanks to the good raw material and the careful production, we have certificates that guarantee the quality.

Maser Spain is present in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Arab Countries, Oceania and Africa. There are delegations in many countries to achieve fluent and fast communication with our customers.

Maser Spain is committed to the development of the products obtained from fruit and vegetables: concentrates, NFC, purees, oils, etc. Our products are specially focused to supply different industry sectors: dairy products, juices, soft drinks, jams, pastries, etc.

Thanks to our global vision, we have branches in different countries allowing us much more open to other markets and be an international company.

Our wide range of products and the possibility of supply of all products throughout the whole year, becomes our competitive advantage.

Our vision is global, we have a panoramic view of the company and every area is improvable.

Firstly, we want to make our company more efficient and profitable so that both, our customers and our employees, can get more out of Maser Spain.

Secondly, our goal year after year is to increase the kilograms of fruit to manufacture. To get this goal, we take advantage of the near crops to reduce the carbon footprint.

Thirdly, we work hard everyday to build a bigger client portfolio with customers in the hole world. To get this goal, we invest in market research and in new delegations.

Maser Spain knows the importance of mantaining the sostenibility of the environment. For this reason we believe that all participants along the supply chain should act ethically and responsibly towards our environment. We give high priority to sustainability from the field to the customer.

On the other hand, employees are fundamental for us. A good service to customers is born from the good work conditions. Being able to combine personal and professional life is essential for the proper functioning of our company.

Maser Spain provides our customers with a single and fully-integrated source for all logistics needs. Our experienced logistic team is dedicated to finding solutions that increase efficiency and value for our customers. Maser collaborates with important freight forwarders and shipping worldwide for road and maritime transport.

We offer:
- Large and comprehensive logistics infrastructure in the whole world thanks to our partners.
- Our own warehousing and third-party logistics services
- Exwork, FOB, CFR or CIF to any part of the world
- Full containers of 20'' and 40''
- Full trucks in reefer or dry in Europe
- Dry, reefer and frozen containers
- Maritime and truck groupage to any part of the world
- All certificates required to make importations and clear customs.
- Full road and maritime transport service